Lean and Strong is a Finalist in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards

6 months ago 132

/ March 29, 2021

Ok, truthful present I’m allowed to denote that Lean & Strong: Eating Skills, Psychology, and Workouts is simply a finalist successful the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards.

Psychology class apical three!

Get to find retired if I won successful 2 months!

Of course, I’m a small intimidated by the different 2 authors, they’re similar *legit* LOL
I entered L&S successful 2 publication awards, The Ben Franklin Book Awards (psychology category) and the Colorado Book Awards (general non-fiction). I’ll support you posted if L&S is simply a finalist successful the Colorado Book Awards also. For present though, conscionable hyped to beryllium a finalist successful this one.

I’d ne'er entered a publication grant contention before, and it really took a batch conscionable researching antithetic awards. Eventually settled connected the IBPA and Colorado Humanities, due to the fact that they’re awesome.

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